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Online Breathalyzer And Blood Alcohol Content Calculator. Had a few drinks? Feeling a bit drunk? Not sure if you should drive and risk a drink driving charge? Try the R U Pissed online breathalyzer and blood alcohol content calculator.

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Pub Crawl Tours Of The World

Visit some of the most amazing pubs and bars on earth in the world’s greatest party towns - Rio de Janeiro, Cancun, Ibiza, Munich, Phuket, and London to name a few - and party like you’ve never partied before! These are the World’s Biggest and Best Pub Crawls!

No early morning wake-up calls and no boring sightseeing! All trips have a pub and bar based itinerary involving the local nightlife and any day-time trips are "on-topic" with visits to breweries, distilleries, festivals or and drinking-related special events.

Make friends for life on these once in a lifetime experiences travelling the world in search of the perfect lager, the finest wine, or the smoothest whiskey.

Euro Hard 'n' Fast Tour

A 12-night power-pubcrawl departing Muinch through the best party destinations in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Starting with 3 nights at the opening weekend of Oktoberfest in Munich (the world's biggest beerfest!), you'll head to tiny alpine village Maria Alm, Austria for one of the most unique experience of your life - partying with the locals and drinking beer, wine and spirits by "the metre" (10 glasses at a time on a meter-long rack!) in the cosiest pubs one earth.

Then it's hammertime drinking in Prague, famous for its incredibly fine (and cheap!) booze and a one night pit-stop in Bamberg, Germany, followed by pub crawling at the "longest bar in the world" (a street with over 300 pubs, end-to-end) in Dusseldorf, where almost every night 10's of thousands of people hit the streets to party.

Best of all, you won't be slumming it in backpacker-style accommodation or sleeping on buses - you'll be sleeping off your hangover in 3-star hotels with no early wake up calls.

See Europe through the bottom of a glass and visit some of the finest drinking destinations the world has to offer.

29 Sep - 11 Oct, 2010
From US$2980 per person.

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World's Biggest Pub Crawl - Round The World In 80 Pubs

80 Pubs. 25 Days. 11 cities. 9 countries. 4 continents. 1 hell of an experience! Get ready for the ultimate drinking and travel experience!

A round-the-world ticket, a list of pubs… and one major experience! That's what you'll get with our ultimate world's biggest pub crawl! Drink your way through 4 continents and take in the finest sights they have to offer: the inside of a pub.

Book your place in history and be part of the a massive round-the-world pub crawl starting from London in March 2011 - from then on, it's one month of hammertime! Pure party, and the ultimate non-stop pub crawl to some of the most incredible party destinations on earth.

You'll be the envy of all your mates, and have a story to tell for life!

Tour all-inclusive of airfares, land-based travel, entry to pubs and bars, and 3-star accommodation (double or single) including breakfast.

March-April 2011 (date to be confirmed)
From US$12890 per person.

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South America Gone Wild

Raise your glasses at the hottest nightlife destinations in Argentina, Brazil and the USA... it's our brand new 12-night pub crawl tour to South America!

Starting off in South Beach Miami for 2 nights of pubcrawling, you'll then be checking in for your flight to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires - drinking at the most exotic bars and nightclubs on earth.

With a 24-hour VIP service and 3-star Hotel accomodation throughout (right on Copacabana Beach in Rio!), this tour will have you drinking in style!

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Asia Annihilator

From the stunning nightlife of Singapore, to the hardcore party pad of Phuket - get ready to annihilate the finest pubs of South East Asia!

Your mission starts in Singapore, where some of the most unique and diverse Asian nightlife promises the perfect preparation for the world's toughest pub crawl experience - Phuket, Thailand.

The hardest-rocking pub on planet earth, Rock City on Phuket's Patong Beach, will feature centre stage on this incredible tour, with VIP entry and exclusive cover bands pumping out AC/DC, Metallica and more, all night long.

This tour has no places for wimps!

15-20 Octr 2010
From US$930 per person.

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At Thirsty Swagman, we have only one mission: To take you on the world’s biggest, best and greatest pub crawls, anywhere on earth!

Thirsty Swagman offers all-inclusive, global pub crawls that take you to the most amazing pubs, bars and parties around the world. The world’s first and biggest intercontinental pub crawl tours, we specialise in round-the-world trips of up to 1 month, giving you a non-stop and absolutely mind-blowing drinking and travel experience!

Visit the Thirsty Swagman website at to find out more.

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