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Online Breathalyzer And Blood Alcohol Content Calculator. Had a few drinks? Feeling a bit drunk? Not sure if you should drive and risk a drink driving charge? Try the R U Pissed online breathalyzer and blood alcohol content calculator.

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BAC Calculator Methodology And Assumptions

  • Alcohol Metabolism Rate:
    • 7.9 grams (10 ml) per hour (male and female)
    • Rate assumed constant over time
  • Specific Gravity Of Alcohol: 0.79 grams/milliltre
  • Water Content Of Blood: 81.57%
  • Body Water Volume Adjustment Factors:
    • Height: ~ +0.11/cm
    • Weight: ~ +0.34/kg (male) and ~ +0.25/kg (female)
    • Age: ~ -0.10/yr
  • No adjustments made for liver function or variations in gastric absorption levels
  • No adjustments made for body temperature or ambient temperature
  • Alcohol contents shown are % by volume (vol/vol)

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This web site does not endorse drink driving or the excessive consumption of alcohol. Blood alcohol calculations are to be used as a guide only.